Andrew MacDonald

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Your Role in the Great Reset

Make your highest contribution to the Covid / Great Reset shift

Seven week course starts April 2022

Explore with others:

  • what is your part in this polarization, this change?
  • how can you support your inner evolution and unfolding in it?
  • A closed group will be like having a base-camp with people you have a growing connection and trust with.
  • Two core practices will be a version of the Dialogue practice and the Presencing Practice.  

Using  powerful questions, imagination, Presencing, sharing and the collective intelligence and support of the group, you'll develop role in the larger unfolding story.

The aim is to provide a committed group focus to support you in next steps.

What are you wanting to do?

  • Reduce insecurity and isolating personal performance?
  • Take a leadership role?
  • Be part of social or political change?
  • Build trust by connecting deeply with others?
  • Bring collective intelligence into your work & life?
  • Bring wider context of imagination and story into your social and activist life?


Bi-weekly, Tuesdays from 12-1:30 Eastern Time (your time here); 

Starts April, 2022.

This is a pilot program, Cost: sliding scale, $50-$199

To Register: Contact Andrew