An online videoconference call, currently held bi-weekly on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.  Vihra Dincheva and Andrew are your two  co-hosts.

Recently we’re working with a Simple Presencing Practice which we’ve been finding both exciting and valuable. Please read this short piece to see if it’s something you’re comfortable trying.

The time is 1pm Eastern, 6pm UTC (in the UK) and 7pm CET (Berlin). Sign up at the top right to be on the mailing list and receive the link to the call.

WE-SPACE Open Space  is held the 2nd and 4th  Thursday’s of each month. We often use the Simple Presencing Practice. Sixty minutes! Hope you can join in!


There are groups with particular purposes and goals. This group is simply open to what happens when people of good will come together and tune in to what is emerging in the space between them, the words that want to be spoken, the acknowledgments that want to be made. What’s emerging in the moment? We get to be with our own truths – the ones that are alive in the moment rather than book learning or things from away – and to share them if we wish to.

Sometimes there are experiments. We’re the ones responsible for what happens.

How much truth  do you want to share and what is worth sharing anyway? What helps?

Meet some new people, get some sense of what is possible. Take a risk. Or sit quietly.

What are you going to do today with your one precious life?


How will we negotiate the fee for our exchange? We’d like to propose that you choose a self-determined fee that feels right for you. This is not because we don’t value what we do. Choose an amount that feels like you are making a real commitment that reflects my own commitment, and that respects your financial situation.

Giving gives you a chance to practice generosity and gives us a chance to feel the feeling of gratitude. By completing the exchange, you join the lineage of giving and receiving that we’ve received from my mentors and people we’ve worked with. We trust that our work together will help you help others in a way that nourishes you and others, making the circle grow.

You can contribute to both Vihra and Andrew by paypal here.

We hope to see you soon!