​The ​Challenge

​. . . is to show up for ​yourself and 

what you ​​love

I’ll provide a​​ clear online space ​for ​engaging​​​ ​​what’s ​most important for you.​ 

(No promises – but it’ll probably be a lot of fun. )

​Here’s the living question: 

Did I do the work I needed today? Did I give it everything I had? ”  It’s folly to measure your success in money or fame. Success is measured by your ability to say yes to those two questions. – Cheryl Strayed 

​The good times are the ​times we play full on

It’s safer to keep your head down, even in normal times. The world doesn’t know ​what you want and love and if you don’t ​risk ​it, it won’t happen. ​

​But these aren’t normal times! These are the days of a​ global shift we simply can’t overestimate.

Showing up for ​ourselves, our deepest soul-knowing – our purpose, ​our destiny, is –  the most challenging thing ​we’ll ever do. It’s also the most fulfilling. ​

​What does it cost?

​The real ​cost is your willingness to play the game ​for yourself. And that’s expensive.

The dollars are the easy part. ​Pay what you want, ​from your sense of what you really want to pay, the amount that’s right for you. Depending on your circumstance, this might be​ a little or a lot​. Expect to receive a lot!

​What’s “that thing” for you? 

​What​ do you value most​? It can be different things at different times. You don’t have to know! 

  • your business?
  • your writing or art?
  • ​your soul values? 
  • ​your ​retirement?
  • your integrity in relationship​? 
  • “th​at thing” you can hardly bear to bring up? 

​Expect to ​receive ​time and respect​ for the ​multiple perspectives you carry. ​I’ll ​help ​”all the parts of you” get heard. Decisions and directions often happen on ​their own when ​each of the parts has a say. ​

​H​ow to contact me

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