The Nuts and Bolts

Here are the nuts and bolts of the Everyman Practice Space.

Break up into groups of two (one group may have three if there’s an odd number)

We spend five minutes each listening to each other. Person 1 asks Person 2, “What  are you experiencing right now?” Person 2 says what he’s experiencing right now, staying as much as possible in the body and emotions, what’s in the room right now. Talking about someone who’s not there right now, or doing a political analysis is not a best use of our time here.  Person 1 just stays connected to Person 2 for the five minutes. You can nod and register you’re hearing but not say anything, even if you think the other person isn’t doing it right.

At the end of the five minutes, switch the roles around. Person 2 asks “What are you experiencing right now” and listens while Person 1 does that.

At the ten minute mark, spend five minutes talking about how that was for you. Stick to your own experience as much as possible. You’re job isn’t to evaluate the other person. It’s to learn more about what’s true for you so you can move that in the world.

Stay in the small group when the notice comes up that the group will close in one minute. If there’s an action  that you clearly want to take, speak it.

At the 15 minute mark everyone will come back to the main room.