This site serves as a nexus for a number of projects connected to an Experiment in increasing Conversation and Dialogue with others who feel the want and know we have so very much to gain  by connecting our efforts.

It’s about experimenting with collaboration, witnessing, with learning we’re not alone and that we can create something amazing together and that it behooves us to do so!

It’s about experimenting because it seems to work for me and accomplices that an experimental “what will show up?” energy seems to allow radical curiosity to flourish and seems to get us into surprising places so fun they take us out of ourselves. In a sense it’s all about getting out of what we think we already know into the collective intelligence that knows so much more.

Right now these experiments under the rubric of AndrewCarterMacDonald because I’m THIS common thread. Each of us is a common thread for a complex conversation and I want to connect with yours.

It’s about finding a way to work together, about having it be sustainable, about reaching others who resonate with us, about finding our tribe and the tribe of tribes that realizes they are the lucky ones and they get to do things. It’s about discovering what wants to happen by itself between and among us.

It’s about realizing / speaking / learning that politics, spirituality, mental health and raising our voice in passionate care for the planet and each other are all parts of the same thing and our privilege to be part of.

It’s about demonstrating and discovering how Collective Intelligence multiplies resources for free for everyone in a ridiculously abundant way. It’s about finding the way to move forward from the point of view that we’re already there.

That’s what it’s about today anyway! No promises about tomorrow! But . . . MARVELOUS THINGS WILL PROBABLY HAPPEN!