Synchronicity strikes again

Synchronicity strikes again

There’s a new intertwining of personal and social change “out there.” It’s a deep searching for inner answers on the part of so many – very likely you. It’s also political movements in different countries, movements that are stepping out of the party-based mold and aligning around values that consciousness workers are right at home with. There’s The Alternativet in Denmark, the Initiative in Sweden, The Leap in Canada and likely more. They tend to inspire – and even include – members from beyond national boundaries.( I’m affiliated with both The Alternativet and The Leap). Key organizers from the Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn campaigns are coming to Ottawa next week to help catalyze a genuine Leap here. I will report on it later!

An increasing number of us feel that nothing less than a global transformation will do and are standing up for that. We can’t bandaid ourselves into a future because each step “ahead” in the  direction we’ve been going puts us further at risk of losing everything. As we clue into that, we start looking around for a better solution. It isn’t even conscious, that looking around – or at least it usually doesn’t start that way. Nor is it “spiritual” in the way mass change used to be thought  of – it doesn’t mean a common belief system.

What’s emerging with early adopters like yourself is out beyond the old belief systems. It’s more about shared values than beliefs, and not even a set of values that are fully articulated. They’re shared values between those who hold them as much as private values. These two aren’t fully different.

The status quo isn’t working. What’s emerging is a spontaneous upsurge of survival sense. Our personal consciousness is at the front line of that emergence.

A next Lab event is an Open Exploration I’m doing with Vihra Dincheva, Thursday, February 8th. Come join us! This video call is in line with the Lab’s core mission:

With a group that’s perceived as safe and clear enough to receive all parts of us, absolutely everything starts to move forward. This includes personal healing and evolution. It also includes social development and the enlivening of the social spaces we inhabit. Community spaces mean family and work environments but also the political and activist space.

Most of us are typically dissociated from the larger community sphere in which we are actors in the world. A good group naturally starts to reconnect this when we notice that the personal and community parts of our lives aren’t so separate. Rather they’re parts of the same larger thing. There’s good news here: We collectively know quite a bit about how to prepare the room to make a group in which we’re very well heard come alive. And we’re always learning. 

You’re invited to come in an join us in this videoconfernce call. February 8th, 1pm Eastern, 7pm CET, etc.

Click this link to join: