Throw a Better Party

Throw a Better Party

Dr. Rick Ingrasci said, “If you want to create a new culture, throw a better party.” And we seem to have many of the ingredients we need now, for that party. The question is, did you get your invitation? And what did you do with it? Difficult questions and answers because it’s not the party we’re used to.

This party is different because of two crucial factors: what we know now about emergence – and power inherent in our new web connectivity. The “better party” we could have now blows TV out of the water. Sitting on the couch watching a bunch of actors perpetuating the limited thinking associated with the mostly outdated paradigms that characterize mainstream culture is not the best game in town? Why do that when there’s a new program in town and in that program, we and our possibilities are the show. The new program looks like interactive media, not passive watching. It looks like speaking frankly about what’s important to us and listening to what others are saying about that.

We and what we can do together with our freedom and our capabilities are the new show!

That new show is starting to emerge. I spend hours as part of it most days. Right now the show goes on sporadically, in fits and starts, little bursts here and there around the globe. But there’s no reason why this show can’t go on 24 / 7 . We’re entirely capable of networking the plot and its emergent drama to show a world of capabilities that we’ve never dreamed of before. We’re just starting to imagine it now. There are lots of us becoming aware we’re standing on the edge of a new kind of connectivity and a new medium that has built into it, a new message. That message can – and is – being said many different ways. Today I like the one we started  with, “If you want to create a new culture, throw a better party.”

The programming on this network is already amazing even though we’ve not begun to tap it’s potential. We humans are creative  and smart. We’ve learned to fly and to interconnect over space and time. We’ve opened up the world’s knowledge to more or less everyone. It’s so new we hardly know what we’ve got on our hands here. We’re still using this capability for mostly frivolous purposes, for kids games. That’s natural because we’re still in the earliest stages of coming into adulthood with our powers. We’re just learning that they’re collective and emergent properties  for example; they don’t exist inside our isolated selves the way we thought. Rather  they’re  functions of our coming together. They’re what shows up at the better  party.

We have those huge powers already, even though we’re not well developed! But we’re like kids playing with fire in the dry woods near a gas station. There’s danger  too! The whole thing could go up in a heartbeat, but we also realize that something simple and beautiful could happen too. And that’s part of what the party is about too!

So we sit with all this complexity, knowing that we’re just at the beginning of a “party  that’s coming fast, enjoying the moment and sometimes shifting uncomfortably because we don’t know what all will happen. Just that we can feel the anticipation gathering and the rising energy of that big party that no one wants to miss.

Part 2 coming soon.

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