Gifting, life by mutual support


None of us can do it alone, I don’t think. Truly, we live by mutual support. The essence of what’s happening is that we’re keeping each other alive and well on the road.

Whether in groups or one-to-one work, we’re building support community, step by halting step. It’s not the world of commercial transaction here. In fact it’s not a transaction.

If your personal or group work with me is supporting you in it in some real way, I invite you to gift back into the community by making a gift in exchange. Your gift into new community helps that community be sustainable.

How will we negotiate the fee for our exchange? Here’s what I’d like to propose: you will choose a self-determined fee that feels right for you. This is not because I don’t value what I do. I suggest an amount that feels like you are making a real commitment that reflects my own commitment, and that respects your financial situation.

Giving gives you a chance to practice generosity and gives me a chance to feel the feeling of gratitude. By completing the exchange, you join the lineage of giving and receiving that I’ve received from my mentors and people I’ve worked with. I trust that our work will help you help others in a way that nourishes you and them both, extending the circle.

You can contribute to my work by paypal here.