Small-group Intensive

New! Starting mid-October or November, 2018. 

I’ve secretly wanted to do a closed online group for some time. The purpose is to maximize safety and trust between ourselves so we can allow more to surface. To make ourselves more available to our own process. There’ll be a willingness to welcome difficult parts of our life story that we’ve not been able to work with before.

This is not therapy or trying to fix or improve any parts of ourselves. It’s a generous space for a natural process of emergence to take the steps it’s ready to take. The expectations can be both large and small.

There’s a natural limitation  to a a drop-in group. People come and go and there’s little continuity and follow-up with what is coming alive. I know some people want more, as I do myself.

If you’re on the mailing list you’ll see how the Small-group Intensive takes shape over the next month or so until start, around the middle of October or start of November, 2018. The email note will fill in more details each week.  People will join for three months at a time and can join for the next iteration.  You can also join for a year.  The future evolution will depend partly on what comes up on the calls. It’s an emergence process.

What will happen?

There will be small group time in groups of two or three, as well as time with the whole. There will be group coaching in small groups as each person works intensely with an inner or outer desire they want to move forward with. Participants will learn a simple form of “systemic constellation,” that they can make use of in their own life.

We’re learning how to move with a natural process of awakening that comes from bring free to be ourselves.


The amount of payment will be entirely up to you.  This is not the same as free. Giving back and exchange is what our sense of justice is built on. Things taken for free between adults tend to be taken for granted and the giver disdained.  A good payment is personally significant to the giver. I imagine something between $60 and $200 / month. This is a committed group and payment is a part of the commitment. People who want to barter can let me know.

Contact me here if you’re interested this group. Membership will be limited to no more than 10 people.