In a way the whole evolutionary endeavor is all about your friends, the ones we have and the ones we’re going to have. Your scenius!

What’s scenius? Put “scene” and “genius” together and that’s “scenius”, the group of friends who get you and you get too.

The  earlier Beats and later the hippies (those we-space grandmas and grandpas) called their being together the “scene.” Scenius is the “extra” quality that a we-space has of carrying more smarts than any of the individuals in it. I first heard  the word from the exquisite Buddhist teacher and integralist Diane Musho Hamilton. I’m not a Buddhist but she makes me want to be one. I thought scenius happened in uber-cool places like Boulder, Colorado where I imagined (falsely as it turned out) that Diane lived. I didn’t think I’d find it for myself.

But that was a few years ago. Since then I’ve learned that scenius may be everywhere. Your tribe is out there like a benevolent street gang looking for you. It’s part of their smarts and yours that you’ll find each other. When you’re out of inspiration or filled with perspiration or verging on desperation they’ve probably got what you need. What you need may not even be coming from a particular person; it may be coming from the space in between, from the heart of scenius itself. The ambient space may be relaxed and resilient enough and you may have enough connection to it that you find a solution to your trouble.

We don’t have to do it all ourselves. We’re part of a bigger body that’s already moving in our direction. It happens to us in spite of us. This has been so reliably true for me that I’m learning it’s a feature of the field. But you have to dare to be in the field.

Scenius is a bunch of people who don’t know either. You need them. They need you. You can’t be as smart on your own as you can with them around in your life.

You don’t even have to do anything special to find them or to make it happen. You’ll find each other if you’re out there. If you’re present in the field for something to happen and follow your interest, something will definitely happen to move you forward.

Scenius is a serendipity machine.

New combinations, prospects, and opportunities come to life in scenius.  Past, present, and future cease being what they used to be. Or rather they become that and more.  Evolutionary dynamism kicks in. You don’t have to put much energy into the Serendipity Machine for it to start chugging and rocking and for changes to start rolling out.

Your scenius is made up of your friends outside of the Tribe One script and the “happy accidents” proceed from  conversation with them. As you forget your old conversational rules and limitations the new comes pouring in like it had been waiting for you. You play your cards, put them on the table, and show what you got. Shy as we may be, we reveal our gifts. Revealing the gifts we’ve been hiding reveals what happens next for us, our destiny.

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