Rest assured the system will fall.

Rest assured that your attempts to find solace, protection and status within the system will not bring you joy.

Rest assured your solid foundation is not in the capitalist economy nor in the socialist one but in the empty space that holds them both.

Rest assured that the world of felled old growth forests has not felled the force that grew them.

Rest assured that the undertow of trivia will not draw the real you out to sea and suffocate you.

Rest assured that the dream of your childhood and the weeping dawns of your youth are inviolate.

Rest assured, old man, that the vigor of your youth is not stronger than what you dare to know now.

Rest assured your innermost conviction was always true, and that your failure to realize it was only true in the circle of time.

Rest assured it was not because of a flaw in your nature.

Or do not rest assured. It does not matter. Your knowing what’s true is not a given, nor does it make truth less true or you any less happy deep inside where you sit close to the fire.

Rest assured that the wind that blows in the window from the stinking factories is the same wind that blows down from the wilderness.

Rest assured that you are blessed in every happenstance and that you have always have been loved in the way you longed to be loved, and then some.

Rest assured that the deep hope your imagination makes of the words of others is just what they meant.

Rest assured that whatever you know was there before you knew.

Rest assured you cannot be improved.

Rest assured that no one can grasp what needs to be grasped except you, and that’s true for all.

Rest assured the mysterious gods tempt you with their own nature and it’s yours to want nothing else.

How deep are the forest and hills you have been given! 

Rest assured. Or later. It doesn’t matter.