How are you showing up? Are you on track and energized with what you most care about most of the time? Excited and motivated and inspired by what you’re doing? You can and in your one-and-only life you deserve to. Getting help and real support really works. Don’t hold back. We all need and avail ourselves of help at times. It’s a mark of strength to go get it.

Sessions can be online by video conference or in person in Perth, Ontario.

You can do a one-time session or invest in three-months. The larger session provides a huge support for you to implement change.

I work with people who have little money and those who have more. Please select a fee between $30 and $80 USD. Pay by paypal.

Systemic / Family Constellations: The most exciting and powerful tool I know of is the family or systemic constellation.  “Constellation” refers to the whole system, like a group of stars. Constellations create a living dynamic map of the system (family, workplace, issue or all of them) in the room. You take time to explore each point of view and the relationship of the parts. A powerful, visceral sense of what is happening and what needs to happen and what is just right to happen often emerges. The “work” is often done in the session and can unfold over time.

In a group other humans stand in to represent parts of the system; in one-to-one sessions the client explores each of the different points of view him or herself. Constellations are practical, deeply respectful, and very interesting. They reveal our lives to us in a way we’ve not seen before. They can and do often bring resolution to deeply held or lifelong issues.

Single Session or Four-hour Package? A single session is $100 and can last up to two hours

A four hour package looks like:

The cost is $250.

One-on-one coaching: Coaching means finding a fresh direction that excites you and that you feel is real and possible for you.

We each play the role of coach in our own lives and in our interactions with others. We recognize the value of coaching in athletics, in business, and in arts (mentors). There are rich payoffs of when coaching is done well.

Personal coaching can do this for you! Do you have something of abiding interest and value to you that’s not steaming ahead quite how you’d like? A project, dream or want? Coaching helps you move it forward, even if it’s already in good shape.

Life coaching and all its many variations has expanded exponentially in the last decade for a very good reason: we’re learning how to learn better and not doing it all on your own is is part of it. You don’t have to do it all on your own! Many people understand that in this rapidly changing world we all need new operating systems to be at our best. Coaching does for us what IT does for our hardware.

How I work? I’m trained as a FourGateways Coach and I love the model. But I now use it to supplement the constellation work. I combine the two in my own work with clients.

About the Four Gateways coaching model: The four gateways are archetypal perspectives that nudge us toward evoke soul wisdom. They can be thought of as Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and Lover, or simply as our generative, acting, thinking and feeling parts. The client takes a step back and looks at something important from each of these perspectives. Powerful questions are often used and a new direction that’s already there in the field finds its way out. When it does it feels rich, fresh and new for you.  Then we help it have a good place and really thrive in the world.

Focusing:  Focusing is practical emotional intelligence. It’s a way of sensing back and forth between the body, where things are felt under understanding, and the conscious mind that “gets” things cognitively. I’ve been a Focusing Trainer since 1995. As a trainer I teach people this powerful tool to integrate life changes, understand self more deeply and deepen spiritual practice.