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Men's voice and place and future

This is about men’s voice, men’s place, men’s future. Many men don’t feel that they have any of these.

Finding them for ourselves was always man’s job. It’s especially a man’s job in a time like this when the masculine way is not welcomed in the world, when our voice and place are often suspect. As the welcome video shows the direct way to find our voice, our place, our future, is to find it in the company of other men. Doing it alone is too safe, too easy to not do! It’s a way to say “later” and never do it. We’re a whole lot stronger, smarter, more agile, more resilient when we consider the real things together.

I’ll be offering a group for men shortly where¬† we can join forces in finding our voice, our place, our future. I’ll also be offering a range of coaching tools you can do with others or with yourself if you choose. Tips and writing and videos.

The course starts soon. Sign up to be on the list. We can do it, but it’s the nature of the beast that we can’t do it alone.


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Men's ground and sense of self comes from the company of other men

Can this be done online?

Yes! Years of experience show me clearly that what we need can be done in face-to-face online connections. It’s not FaceBook or chat but real time conversations working with real issues. Check it out!