​Inner ​Tools for Men

​and ​ the shop to build ​stuff in​​

​​Community and coaching​ for men

​The life challenge for men is to make our ​best contribution. That means outer work and inner work. Sometimes ​the inner work looks like intense pain, isolation, confusion. Sometimes it looks like a magnificent adventure. Sometimes it’s ​in between but everyone deals with ​everything sometime.​

Here are some of the hard things​: 

I’m a “mistake expert” in these issues​. I know what they’re like and ​maybe I can help. Call me and let’s see. I’ve been doing coaching and especially collective exploration groups for a while. Come help me set up a group just for men and get my men’s coaching off the ground.

​​The Good News – The Gifts

​ We have natural gifts just because we’re men. ​We’ve also got particular gifts that are uniquely ours. The gifts are ​hidden in the longing we feel. Meeting the longing on its own field changes ​us.

We can’t meet the real longing on our own. ​The lone hero is mostly a fiction. People need each other and men need each other. Think of the fellowship of the ring. Frodo didn’t go alone and wouldn’t have succeeded if he did. Men’s success is a group effort. Women can’t do this part of the journey for us because they don’t know what it’s like to be a man. They don’t have the tools we need. 

And here are some of the longings: 

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​”I’m gonna do it! I just don’t know how yet!”

“Ah men, once one of the world’s great sexes! – Garrison Keillor

​A man’s life doesn’t come with instructions. He doesn’t need ​instructions. He needs other men ​so they can find the way through the wilderness together.