Early Attachment

Lots and lots of men experienced “early attachment difficulties” with their ​parents. It’s normal and we can get it straighter, even when we’re senior citizens.  

Early means up to about age 10. ​This is often about the connection with the mother as the earliest caregiver. ​​​Secure attachment means that you felt safe enough, welcome, loved, seen – enough to not carry guilt or shame about your existential value at your core. If not we have difficulties and they carry forward until we can turn toward them. For many that’s never but it ​doesn’t have to be

​You can definitely work with this. ​ I’ve trained with Mark Wolynn, author of It Didn’t Start With You and am currently training Bertold Bulsamer and working with clients. 

Early attachment can mean a break in the bond with the mother. A break means that we came to believe that she wouldn’t be there for us. Many mothers experienced a break with their mother. They didn’t receive the security ​they needed to be there as they wanted to be with their children. ​Mothers can be too close too. Th​e child fulfills some of the roles that really belong to the father. This can be as confidant or in a form of emotional incest.

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