Invitation to a River Journey

​I, Thou and Tao

​Invitation to a

​River Journey 

​Hello fellow travelers, 

​This ​goes out to those of you who’ve been on our Tuesday river journeys.

​It’s a visioning of ​how we might update I, Thou and Tao. Thanks to Ellen for ​thinking out loud about it with me. 

We can explore ​this together​, those who it resonates with, on ​this coming the usual place. 


  • ​A set number of excursions, say 12, with a closed group (no new companions for that time)
  • 8-10 people
  • Starts Tuesday June 30
  • ​Each week we set off on our shared ​journey together and let our best responses to what we encounter guide us. There’s no teaching to offer. We work out together where we need to go and what we need to do.
  • I think of it ​as a collective living art project we’re ​creating together with us a​s the medium and the makers.  
  • A private ​Facebook group could hold our new thinking and realizations (or art work relating directly to the journey) between meetings. (​Being vigilant for “the Tao,” ​stepping away from metaphysics or preaching.)
  • ​We could name the river to explore together (aging, engaging, personal risk, unfinished business) – or not. ​
  • There are many rivers to cross​, and no limitations we don’t put in there. We don’t need them.

I will lead the group and provide the frame and continuity for ​the different journeys based on my inspired-by-you sense of what’s emerging, Inspired-by-you could mean during our paddle times ​or between them. ​

This way feels exciting to me. Please join the journey if it feels exciting to you and if you will place a high priority on being there. My earlier concern was that we would start a new journey each week at the expense and so wouldn’t have the energy, from continuity​ ​or commitment, ​to continue ​successfully.  

​The proposal is to “up our game” in this way but you are welcome to organize differently if you wish. 

Exploration and decision time is Tuesday, June 23, 11am-12pm EDT

(8am Pacific, 4pm UK, 5pm CET)


​​The journey is offered on a Gift basis, related to the value you place on the work, what you can afford and your desire to see this work ​in the world.