​I, Thou and Tao

​Invitation to a

​River Journey 

​Hello fellow travelers, 

​This ​goes out to those of you who’ve been on our Tuesday river journeys.

​It’s a visioning of ​how we might update I, Thou and Tao. Thanks to Ellen for ​thinking out loud about it with me. 

We can explore ​this together​, those who it resonates with, on ​this coming Tuesday.at the usual place. 


I will lead the group and provide the frame and continuity for ​the different journeys based on my inspired-by-you sense of what’s emerging, Inspired-by-you could mean during our paddle times ​or between them. ​

This way feels exciting to me. Please join the journey if it feels exciting to you and if you will place a high priority on being there. My earlier concern was that we would start a new journey each week at the expense and so wouldn’t have the energy, from continuity​ ​or commitment, ​to continue ​successfully.  

​The proposal is to “up our game” in this way but you are welcome to organize differently if you wish. 

Exploration and decision time is Tuesday, June 23, 11am-12pm EDT

(8am Pacific, 4pm UK, 5pm CET)



​​The journey is offered on a Gift basis, related to the value you place on the work, what you can afford and your desire to see this work ​in the world.