Here’s a start on some potent tools for inviting change and “soul movement” into our life.  They’re things you can do on your meditation pillow – or  in the bath. They’re in addition to working in groups.

Granting ourselves permission

We can hardly believe that it’s OK to just show up as ourselves, with our terrible wants and our awkward truths, and that that’s what ‘s really wanted. A lot of spiritual work is about permission to be ourselves just as we are. Not permission from someone else, permission from us. We often live in much smaller permission box than we need to. For example, I realized recently in a group I’m in that while it was fine for me to show up and make a contribution, I still felt like I was STEALING attention  in a way, in and out, or offhand. I hadn’t let myself, really inhabit the space or even seen that I could and bring all of myself there. But we can show up without trying to look good or without anything really.

Have a look at this video which contains a short meditation around seeing what permission comes for us today.

More tools on the way!