Inner Climate Collective – 2

​Inner Climate ​Collective

​Starts October 6th and 10th, 2019

​Doing together what we really can’t do alone

What’s the purpose of this group?

  • ​To benefit from the collective intelligence of being with each other in service to ​the emerging global climate situation
  • ​To benefit from the collective intelligence of being together in service to our own deeper growth and healing

​The two ​appear to be ​part of the same thing. 

How will we do this? What methods will we use?

Presencing, systemic constellations, parts work. Telling the truth to each other. 

How often and when will we meet?

​This is changing. There’ll be a group every week but most people will only be able to make one because of schedule or perhaps preference. There can be, and I think will be, other calls between those, including myself, who may wish for more.

How will it be sustained?

​It’ll be sustained on a gift basis. Offer your gift based on value received, ability to pay and your interest in supporting this work in the world. To make bookkeeping easier for both of us, and engagement higher, please pay before October 1st and for three months, October through December. (If you need to leave before the end of December I’ll return the remainder.) You can adjust your amount up or down later as you wish, with no penalty.

Who’s it for? 

  • Ordinary people who 1) have a primary interest is increasing their access to higher consciousness, and 2) are aware we’re very likely headed for some form of environmental and social breakdown.
  • Most people will have been doing intentional inner work for a long time.
  • If you’re new to this I recommend the Hello Climate Change course as an intro. I love HCC’s process of beginner’s mind and recommend it to everyone. I teach it and take it myself as I do. It’s not “lesser;” it does offer important additional support.
  • If you’re interested in joining the collective, please connect and schedule a session with me​ and we’ll see if it’s a great fit. .

​You can also contact Andrew with questions or to explore this course.  

​More about it here!