Hosting, Money, Sustainability

Thursday, September 28th, 7pm CET, 1pm EST, etc.

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How can hosting offerings  be practically sustainable? How is the gift economy working for you where you are? What is healthy  and good – and sustainable and optimal – for the ecosystems of Hosting, We-spaces conversations, experimental offerings, collective healing, wisdom circles, conscious businesses?

This question arose for hosts Vihra  and Andrew  as we explored our next hosting call “lab.” At present we notice that many people, us included, support our work from savings or are subsidized by loved ones who work in the regular economy. In the long run this may not be sustainable, and especially not the best way to take us quickly where we want to go? What can we as a community, as a “field” do about this?

Join us as we “fieldstorm” this with our collective brain
(and hearts and spirits)!

Come join us, either as one who is offering or participating in conversations at the edge! We’ll be hosting a participative videocall on Money and the Hosting Ecosystem, Thursday, September 28th at 7pm CET (1pm EST). Do invite others who live this question. Oh, and yes, we do invite our regular 10Euro contribution 🙂 Details below!

Ever social entrepreneur deals with this question.  How does the we-space culture support itself? Interestingly this question of dollars doesn’t get asked a lot within the consciousness community, considering how central finances are to our well being. This suggests of course that the subject may be just a bit . ..  in our shadow.

Come join us we “fieldstorm” this question and put it to the field.

Andrew and Vihra
ps please do invite others who are puzzling over / interested in this question!

Calls are by donation (donations are invited but not required.) We invite 10EUR per call ($10 in the US and Canada), which enable us to Keep the Hosting Beat going! You determine what feels right for you. Everything is welcomed. Monetary contributions cover Vihra’s and Andrew’s effort for organising, add to a pot for further development of the calls, and give back to the AoH community.

You can make your contribution (before or soon after the call) here (please add in the note that it is for Keep the Hosting Beat).

No PayPal but want to contribute? Just drop us a line here and we will find what works best.

With warmth,
Vihra and Andrew