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Drop-In Thursday

A bi-weekly drop-in group, Thursday's at 11am Eastern (local time here) J

March 17 Register here

All are welcome!

  •  CONNECTION involves a degree of risk in rising to tell our truth and making space for others to tell theirs, their way
  • We work with "powerful questions" in small groups of three and reflect on what we're noticing in the larger group.  Powerful questions are personal and more challenging than usual. You are the boss of how you choose to reply. You can always choose to pass with honor. 
  • Practice listening, connecting, finding our truth and our voice
  • Practice honoring our own voice in a group.
  • Practice supporting others learning and moving in this space.

They're free and I'd like everyone everywhere to be able to navigate in this space.

These are free and happen bi-weekly or monthly and subscribers to my mail list will get the information on registering.