“Protest that endures is moved by a hope far more modest than that of public success:

namely, the hope of preserving qualities in one’s own heart and spirit that would be

destroyed by acquiescence.” – Wendell Berry

We meet on Zoom next March 9 at 6:30 Eastern for an hur and bi-weekly after that. (Bi-weekly because of another group and I don’t want to get ahead of myself! :))Here’s the link to register; now’s a best time 🙂.

Reminder will be sent!.

​What does “resist” mean? 

​Not the barricades. Our strengths come from community, ​connection, caring and readying ourselves when we’re trying to make change.

What we need more of, what I need more of, is Courage. Being willing to be foolish and stupid and try ridiculous things. We actually have the collective smarts, and tremendous skill with group process​ 

​What we don’t have as much is social permission to get out and play in new ways in new arenas. Partly that’s because we are such amazing team players we stay in the ranks waiting for that Open Sesame. 

Covid seems like a ​beast but maybe that’s because it’s such a monstrous excess of stupidity we can hardly get our heads around it? We may be collectively stupefied by the extent of it all.

​We live in an unlimited transcendent field.