Presence as Consciousness Light

For a while I've been doing "Presencing Practice" with others. As I proceeded with it I saw that it was revealing more than I'd first noticed. I saw that it was connecting me to the people I was doing it with in a way that was reconfiguring my journey. It was revealing next steps or at least shedding light on passages of it that needed the other to be seen.

It was also apparent that something similar was happening for some of my practice partners.

The practice has you share short timed periods with another in which you work with a powerful question. The questions shifts slightly but at present they're something like: What are you experiencing now?, and, What are you wrestling with inside? A third period explores what's been surfaced.  

At its root the practice puts you into non-conceptual direct connection with another. It's a plunge-in-cold-water meeting with the other that reveals the socially normal safety, distance and hiding that we enact with each other. It plunges us into a directness we may very likely have spent our whole lives not doing, and not knowing we're not doing. While shocking and exciting - and sometimes scary (so far only briefly) - the contrast with the usual view is highly informative. Just how informative may not be immediately seen. It can be trans-formative.

In a way that is difficult to describe, a potentially life-shifting change of direction may be revealed. This has been true for me though it's difficult, and probably not useful, to measure. One learns to trust the process and live the present rather than try and figure out. When this direct meeting happens, or spontaneously is seen, it has a revelatory luminous quality of a jewel. We're in poetic or imaginal territory here, which does not mean unreal.

A "consciousness light" can be seen that is highly transformative.

 Sometimes one can maintain the luminous quality of a particular connection with that other.

One can do a pilgrimage to do this jewel practice with many people to see more of what this more is. We walk with each other for short periods.

One can also invite more people into the exploration, keeping a conscious connection. There are many jewels make up a necklace, something again that is more than the sum of the parts.

"A 'consciousness light' can be seen that is highly transformative."

It's important not to fetishize and make the practice a big deal. The practice is also a way to stay modest and humble because in sharing the present experience, one can't avoid including the drabness, uncertainty or pain that may be present in any given moment. Nor can we avoid that these may not be present.  

What is revealed is that a larger meaning is in play than is evident from any single exploration. Perhaps this should be obvious. Reality is always more than the sum of the parts. The question, What can you speak of the inner voice you hold in exile? gets at that larger meaning. The inner voice we keep in exile is an expression of that "consciousness light" which has its own meaning, purpose and agenda.