I’m interested in spiritual perspectives and solutions to what’s happening in the world. I’m also interested in what’s going on out there on the ground. It can seem as if these two worlds exist independently of each other. To use a very Canadian expression, one drawn from a long-ago book by Hugh MacLennan about the French and English in Canada, they’re two solitudes.

I’ll share what I’m seeing and sensing, for better or for worse, trusting that it’ll be in service to bridging two very different modes of understanding. Assume it’s “as Andrew sees it today.” It’s not the truth and not the final word but a foray into a challenging area. We don’t talk about it much, perhaps sensing how contentious it is and how much trouble we can get into.

I acknowledge that there are two sides. I also think that this is a psychological operation, a battle for the definition of what’s real and true today. You must make up your own mind

It seems to me that what’s been happening over the last few weeks in Canada (where I live) isn’t primarily about Canada. It’s about the globalist and transhumanist agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Great Reset to completely transform every aspect of life by 2030. Canada is a front line player in this agenda, an agenda which is being rolled out with slightly different timelines and agendas everywhere. Everywhere implies that the rollout is spatially located but that’s not true. It’s rolling out in the invisible world of cyberspace control and world collaboration in every sphere. Governments, technocratic corporations, banks, legacy media and more are part of this trust. The anger and mistrust in Canada is a response to this. The mandates and lockdowns in Australia, disrupting entire populations where there are almost no cases, is another front-line example of the same rollout. But as I see it, everyone everywhere is part of it.  

What we see happening in Canada are mostly downstream effects of something happening upstream. We’re like people building on a riverbank when a great flood is surging down the river. Goodwill, earnestness and prayers will not help those who misidentify the problem for a long time.

I appreciate independent researcher Alison McDowell who connects many of the dots for me. She connects the larger agenda of the WEF with the earlier subjugation of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. As it was for them, our local economies and livelihoods are being brought to heel in order to being a free people into subjugation and dependency. Promises are made and not kept as a way of bringing the populace to powerlessness and, effectively, slavery. Now. we too are being herded into the loss of our ways of livelihoods. We too receive compliance rewards for agreeing to the diminution of our freedom and punishment for calling it out and resisting. This process is only beginning.

From this perspective we’re pretty much helpless without recognizing the extent of the problem. As has been pointed out in the spiritual literature, a first step in liberation is in realizing that one is in chains – asleep. The effect of the plan of the WEF and the Great Reset, is an end run around democracy and its pillars – the constitutions and bills of rights, free and informed press and more.

Why is this happening in Canada? Perhaps because the truckers stepped up. Perhaps Canadians’s agreeableness may be mistaken for weakness. Another factor may be the fact that many prominent members of the Canadian government are graduates of the WEF’s young global leader’s program. These include two party leaders (Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh) as well as multiple high-ranking members of Trudean’s government. These include Chrystia Freeland (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance), Karina Gould (Minister of Families, Children and Social Development), Francois-Philippe Champagne (Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry), Ailish Campbell (Ambassador to the EU), Elissa Goldberg (Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy), Renee Maria Tremblay. (Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of Canada).  Merkel, Macron and Putin are also all graduates of the young global leaders program.

The agenda of the WEF implies all the measures we’re seeing now. The cheery catchphrase, “You will own nothing and you will be happy,” says it nicely.  

This agenda is also an assault on the church and the people’s reliance on the almighty. The Great Reset is an attempt to replace an individual reliance on God with a group reliance on state control through technology. The direction is toward one blockchain to control them all.  

What just happened in Canada is a skirmish in a much larger fight for freedom from a future of forced social compliance. As I see it, the push toward compliance will come in wave after wave. The end of one will mean that another will be along almost immediately. We will continually think we’ve gotten to the bottom of it only to find that that wasn’t the bottom. Naivete is dangerous and could be catastrophic.

From this perspective, the direction will include waking up from our assumption that the system has our best interests at heart. It’ll look like turning toward each other, deepening friendships, telling the truth, persevering, risking showing up in community. All things we’re not very used to doing. It’ll mean closer and trusting relationships with others, especially locally. Online connections will be important because relatively few people see what’s coming and allies will often be far away. All these directions are at odds with conventional life in our communities so we’ll be inclined to stay silent. The risks of looking foolish or vulnerable for speaking to it can be profound.

But what do you think, good reader? Your feedback is gold. It helps others make up their own minds about what they think and feel. It’ll help me know where you”re at and be reflected in future groups and ongoing explorations. I’ll have much more to say about it myself.

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  1. I frequently refer people to the film Wag the Dog with Dustin Hoffman and Robert de Niro, where they launch a fake war to remove attention from the President's sexual misdemeanours 12 days before the Election.

    It's an entertaining way to open people's eyes to the ways that media can be used to manipulate the truth and downright lie when they have an agenda.

    People are waking up, thank goodness, but many are too deeply asleep – someone suggested 30% are awake, 40% will awake and 30% will stay asleep regardless.

    Presenting opposing views just leads to clashes. We need more subtle ways to open people's minds. This movie is one that worked for me.

  2. Smack on! We will need to form a new government with trustworthy participants who have no affiliation with Skull and Bones, WEF, UN, WHO, etc.

    We'll need to form a new monetary system, too.

    What's happening is criminal.

    Let them be. They have their perspective. We have ours which we value.

    As David Hawkins states in his wisdom, when individuals exist at different levels of consciousness, there is little understanding between those who exist at the level of force vs. those who exist at the levels of power. Power meaning existing with courage, neutrality, acceptance, willingness, reason, love, joy, affirmation, trust, optimism, forgiveness, understanding, reverence, serenity, bliss . .

    Conflict is most difficult to resolve when there are differences based on values and beliefs. We must agree to disagree and not get entangled.

  3. I deeply appreciate this writing of yours, Andrew. Canada seems to be deep in the throes of history unfolding – and so is Europe, where I live. It's everywhere, and we can hardly keep up. Wondering what Putin took away from the WEF …… keep it coming.

  4. I have had my eye and suspicions on all gov, corps, and the big $ – the poisoners in all systems. Of course it is a hard sell, and those who think similarly are too often hard and hateful with their anger and fear.
    Now I have a new wondering ~ a great reset is indeed called for. We are way out of balance. Perhaps the impulse is real – towards equity amongst all peoples and all life on the planet.
    I is just that the 'oversee-ers' are not skillful seers. We do not elect leaders on the basis of spiritual acumen. And still, the impulse to Unity, Brotherhood, a higher calling than scrabbling after survival is True and Good. Owning nothing might well be on the way to the solution as long as that includes everybody equally.

  5. As i see it, the overseers of the planned reset are not elected but are entirely unaccountable with their own agendas that are almost entirely invisible to most of the world’s people. And the ones we do elect are enmeshed in systems that make them beholden to those above them, rather than the electorate below.
    I see ownership as an expression of personal boundary. They may seem “anti-unity” but are the basis on which a respectful meeting of equals can happen. The “great reset” people have intent on erasing all personal boundaries.

  6. Hi Andrew,

    I think the Great Reset is a good example of Tribe One thinking. These people have come up with a plan, which they probably think will solve a lot of the world's problems. However, it cannot work, if they don't include a diversity and multitude of opinions. The are looking at the issues through a mono-lens, and seeking a solution, without addressing the complexities involved.

    I'm always curious about what kinds of ways forward emerge when a collective conversation is held on these issues – what kind of Great Reset would emerge from a collective conversation? Have indigenous groups been included in these WEF discussions and decisions – doubt it very much!

    Have any been held that you are aware of?

  7. This picture tells the tale. They will use social justice, co-opt it to serve their ends, raise victimization to mean entitlement. imo there is no hope that indigenous perspectives will be included. Rather all nations will be colonized and co-opted to a dominance agenda, a similar model to what happened with native people. In fact that’s just what’s underway methinks.

  8. Resonating with this Celeste. Hearing a chorus of dissent is building . . . reminds me of spring peeper frogs, first a few piping up, then a deafening throng.

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