Simple thoughts about the complicated virus

There’s so much to say about the virus, it has so many dimensions. So I’ll keep it simple and share just two thoughts from today. Earlier this evening I was speaking with a friend in Poland about how it is for her. She was telling me that if feels like the end of the life […]

How are we being with the climate emergency?

I was reminded of this poem by David Whyte the other day, speaking with a friend. It was the words “secret water,” that came to mind, though I couldn’t place them at the time. THE WELL OF GRIEF Those who will not slip beneath      the still surface on the well of grief, turning […]

“What if it’s just for me?”

What if it’s just for me? What if higher consciousness is just for me and not a gift to the world? (Instead of me out there peddling it like a snake-oil salesman.) Just for me! Have I even thought about receiving it? What if the gift of Presence is just for me and all the […]

Everything comes clear in Presence

Everything comes clear in Presence. Yet Presence can’t be described or forced, proven or produced on demand. Everything you can say about the Tao, which isn’t much, can be said about Presence. (Holy Spirit, we can only make little songs about you, skipping-rope songs.) We hear the melody. We see it on the faces in […]

No rules for the journey

We came by them honestly, the rules that define our lives. We were born to them. But of course we didn’t think they were rules when we were small; we thought¬† they were reality and we could be good by following them. It’s good when the rules break down and nothing works because then we […]