The Singular Place of Dual Blessing

The conscious meeting of the “I” and the “We” When the “I” and the “We” co-inhabit the room, a striking new evolutionary possibility opens up. I call it The Singular Place of Dual Blessing. ——————————– Though the word “we-space” has been around for a little while now, it turns out, as many have seen and […]

The Surprising Visitor

What do you need to move through this time well, something more than just getting through it still standing. Could we actually use this time to emerge stronger and more resilient? The question may seem crazy when we’re struggling to keep our head above water, when people close to us and maybe we ourselves are […]

Change is a shift in consciousness

​My friend John Heney has referred to our normal experience of the world as an “isolating personal performance.”​ This seems to me a telling phrase, one I can certainly relate to ​from personal experience. In this essay, I want to take this experience of ​isolating performance and place it beside the experience of Presence or […]

Climate change as celebration of consciousness

Few of us talk about the inner side of climate change, surfacing the inner angst, sense of pressure or despair we may feel. But when we do we see it as a burden and a problem. It shows up as, “Oh my god, how am I going to be with this?” A hundred, a thousand […]

You in the Climate Change Ecosystem

A reality I’ve been slow to see is that the social contract we grew up with is connected to vast pools of loneliness and isolation . . . and that these are central drivers of our climate predicament. This social isolation is particularly difficult to see because in order to see it, you (we/I) have […]

Being effective in this bewildering moment

Martin Buber wrote an amazing book in 1923 that has endured and perhaps will endure as a classic. It was called I-Thou. In vivid poetic language that is as fresh today as it was then, he spoke a timeless truth. (Here are excerpts that give the flavor of his writing.) Humans have two modes, I-Thou or […]

How to get from breakfast to lunch without losing your mind

The world is well on its way to waking up. If it doesn’t blow itself up first, which it’s also well on its way to doing. It’s the best of times, the worst of times. But do we have to choose, good reader? Old Aristotle suggested no: “The mark of the truly educated is being […]

Beyond social control is authenticity, but it takes a tribe to find it

Social control, political correctness, group think are all ways of describing the pressure to act or feel a certain “correct” way in order to be accepted and loved by the people that are important to us. Usually we think of these as negatives. But they’re  part of life. Handling them can be a genuine life-changer […]

What’s “Too Much Information” ?


Sitting in a sun-dappled parlour a while ago, some friends and I were talking about TMI and TLI. Too Much and Too Little information. We discovered that we definitely wanted to know more. Where do we look foolish sharing too much – and what does it matter if we do? We all have a private […]

The Singular Place of Dual Blessing ORIGINAL

This essay points to what I feel is a powerful point of leverage in individual and group awakening . . . the place where the two overlap. Have a look, feel free to share and to contact me with any thoughts or observations. It’s an exploration into the “I” and the “we-space” (the inside experience […]