Around the end of June, date coming soon!

What it is: A live video group to explore how climate change is showing up in our lives. We’ll use small group; listening and speaking as well as a larger group reflection space. Subscribers receive the link by email.

How DO we integrate life altering climate change into the rest of our life? It’s a question everyone concerned with climate change must grapple with sooner or later, often very deeply.

The answer is not more analysis, valuable as that is. Analysis is interesting – but not powerful. We don’t need the right opinion to hold but to deepen and transform our relationship to what’s happening in a way that’s true for us.

We’ll use “powerful questions,” small group sharing and larger group reflection – and this call a small element from constellation work. Participants can participate at the level of disclosure they want, with no pressure. The purpose is to help sustain us, personally and collectively for the long road ahead.

See some of what people have said about groups I’ve hosted or co-hosted here. Here’s a blog post that describes the spirit of what we’ll be doing.

Every meeting should be an instance of the future we want to create.” (Peter Block).