​This is about collective wisdom and collaborative pathfinding. what we can ​do together that we can’t do on our own.

My vision is for a safe and welcoming learning place – even an  “awakening” place – for those who want to develop personally, especially people for those who are aware they’ve experienced significant early trauma and difficulty. This has been part of my own story. Learning trust and safety takes time and care, mutual support and practice. The individual “I” learns slowly to find his / her good place in a “WE.” She learns to find the voice that expresses what she came her for.

An exciting journey beyond the known world!

We’re like these intrepid Vikings – on a collective journey off the map and into the unknown!

It’s hard work, but we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. 

In a safe and well-held group, we learn to take and hold our place with our contribution. Small groups are good places to practice and relearn ways to connect deeply to the world.

It’s very common for almost all of us to live in an Isolating personal performance. We try to fit in without knowing what is being asked of us or even what we want deep down. It’s a social norm so we all do it to some degree.

I’m curious what it is that you’re most looking for. Perhaps it’s something that you never thought was possible, that you could never ask for or never turn to, or something that you could never get over. The way involves self-remembering and learning and daring to show up with who we really are as best as we can all the time. It succeeds the more we live our conscious intention to grow.