We’re in a time of system change. Many of us want to make a difference but we don’t know how.

This site contains my thoughts and feelings on what is possible for us now. It includes invitations to online groups in which we explore and figure it out together.

Valentine’s Day 2019

Small groups of people exploring together brings things forward for individuals that we can’t imagine on our own. We use a variety of community-building tools gathered from decades of learning. A recent tool, “Simple Presencing Practice” has been wonderful and become a staple in much of what we do.

It’s helped me to be grounded in Presence with my personal relationships as well as a consultant and facilitator.Chiara Borello, Organizational Consultant

Read more of what Chiara and other people say here.

There are no answers here as we search for our way. It’s more of it a “wandering” because we don’t know the way. At this time we’re out beyond the orthodoxies and the known roads. This wandering is a pilgrimage whose destination and route aren’t known yet. Companions walk together for a while as we explore the common landscape we’re in. We get together because we’re wiser and more prepared when we’re together and we have more fun.

Our lives change when we meet our concerns in the company of another, or better, with many others. What we want isn’t really far away. In a sense it’s as simple as finding our tribe, our neighbors wherever we live. Online tribe can be incredibly helpful too because we don’t always have travelers living near us.

If you’d like too explore and inquire with us a while, please put your name and email above right.

You can also connect with me privately here in a 30 minute conversation using the Simple Presencing Practice: https://calendly.com/andrewcartermacdonald .

The collective intelligence of groups and path companions is the crucially valuable resource in moving forward. We get there (or here) together. 

You can also contact me here with feedback, questions.