​Wilderness Conversations

​The mission for those who want it: That everyone who wishes find a community where they are welcome just as they are and where they can continually deepen that belonging through ​sharing their truth. 

​Wilderness conversations are a way to approach this goal. Most conversations are about the city, the system, and what is known. We accept its assumptions, norms and conventions as givens.  

Wilderness conversations ​assume nothing and  what's emerging in the present moment. This doesn't mean they don't have clarity and structure. 

Wilderness conversations are of two kinds:

Base Camp: ​Explore work with r a deep wilderness journey: what's possible as opposed to what's wrong, owning the situation instead of belonging, clear dissent instead of lip service, commitment rather than barter (I will if you will), and gifts. Base Camp can be ​tailored to different communities: men, women, therapeutic communities, activists. . 

Emergent Conversations: What's emerges in the present becomes the situation in which we decide what we ​want to say or be to show up fully as ourselves. This is deep wilderness. It's evolutionarily new and paradoxically deepens the sense of belonging. 

​An important feature of all our conversations is that there's no charismatic leader to follow and place on a ​pedestal. ​The reason is because ​there's a near universal desire to remain a child before the teacher, who we project as mother or father. ​The deeper we go into the ​wilderness, the more it's true no one can save us. Also the more it's true we need no one to save us. 

Wilderness ​Conversations website ​will be up soon.