Time to Shine – Helping birth your project


A regular drop-in we-space session! Come join us!

Thursday October 12th! In?
19:00 CEST, 13:00 Eastern

Click this link to join: https://zoom.us/j/199240841


Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror, face facts,
and admit to yourself, finally, just how . . .
wonderful you really are!

I like the twist at the end but this reminds me that we often spend time with our self-improvement schemes, forgetting that . . . we’re already there! If that’s true maybe we can allow what’s there to do what it does best: Grass grows, squirrels play in trees and . . . we shine!

There’s a part of us that’s . . . already illuminated, that knows! No doubt you’ve felt it and been with it many many times. The part of us that shines is the hidden author of the work we do and want to do. Time to Shine is the theme of the video call you’re invited to join Thursday (details are below)!

The part that shines is often connected to our craft, something we’ve been polishing and perfecting for a long time, even if we forget to notice. It’s often best approached in a playful and experimental spirit!
The new consciousness that each of us is a part of and working with in our own way is playful, is a discovery. We change the dynamic for everybody when we show up with others, wherever we go. The future is emergent, discovered in the present by those who are there.

We’ll see what happens on Thursday’s call, and we won’t know what happens till we get there. There will be shining, whether or not I or anybody else happens to catch it. Because that’s at the heart of who we are.

Come join in the exploration . . . meet some new people, expand your circle of resilience. Shine your own special way.

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