The Climate Conversation We’re Not Having

Is there a conversation around climate change and our survival – that we’re not having? That you’re not having? Could we invite that conversation and hold it live and online, face to face but perhaps around the globe? Bill Kauth and I were imagining a conversation around climate breakdown (as some are calling it) and the human future – the conversationĀ  we’d really like to have. It’s not so much about carbon in the air […]

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women and men part 2

Two Stories of Women and Men – Part 2

In Part 1 I shared two stories of women and men that I’d heard in the previous week. In one story a group of men supported a group of women who were defending a sacred site in Ireland. They stood outside the circle of women, protecting it and this gift was deeply felt by the women. In the other a mixed group of men and women who were exploring inner feelings and new consciousness gradually […]

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