Soul Camino

You want to deepen your experience of connection and Presence. You want to connect more to your Unique Voice, to what only you can say and only you can be?

But what is it that your unique voice needs to say and do? What is it t

But how do you find your authentic, unique voice, for Presence or change and follow it into the world? This is a group experience to learn this together.


Join a small closed group to practice and support each other in finding personal answers to these  questions.

There are the three practices we’ll explore  together.

1)  A simple presencing practice, done with a partner: What are you experiencing now?

This is a core practice for using our unique voice, for meeting ourselves and the other. The  group will break into  couples online to do this practice and come together  in the larger group. Read about it here.

2)  Group Coaching

Presencing opens the door. But we also need to be listened to closely as we make out our  next steps. Once a month, each person is the focus of a group of about four in which their work or desire is the subject. The others offer different kinds of impact and generative contribution. This does not include telling you what to do. You’ll be deeply heard and supported with fleshing out your contribution, gauging its impact, trying it on. The methodology comes form Action Learning with elements from U-Lab.

3) Defense of your intention

Periodically, members voluntarily subject themselves to being thoroughly questioned about what they’re doing, by a “devil’s advocate” team of others. The purpose is to allow all the voices, including the ones that we tend to overlook or exclude (so we can feel safe). The process is similar to the thesis defense that Masters and Ph.D. students undergo.

How to Register

This is a closed group that will start as soon as the registration is there. You’ll work with the same people for three months. Each applicant will have a personal coaching session to determine if this is a good fit for you and for the group.

To register send me an email through a blog email from me, or via the Contact page.

Change Agent Accelerator is offered on a Gift basis, which is not the same as free.

May I  offer some considerations to help you decide how much is right for you? Your payment should be something you can afford. It’s also a representation of your commitment and what you want to receive. Without such a commitment it’s difficult to feel strongly connected to a course and the get the most out of it. Free is usually not valued! Gifts enable me to continue this work full-time and feel part of a circle of giving and receiving. Gifts enable you to feel and practice generosity and me to feel and practice gratitude.

If you’d like to explore this with me, contact me or book a 30 minute discovery session. This isn’t a sales thing but a chance to meet and see what can happen.

In the meantime, do take advantage of the Presencing Practice. The group coaching, will follow shortly.