An evolutionary change is one that moves the entire context for your life forward.


There’s a creative tension between how things are now and what’s trying to come forward. This dynamic tension is like a seed, a concentrated potential which wants good conditions so it can take root. It’s not a problem to be fixed but a movement that wants to happen by itself.

I’ve often not had those right conditions myself and am naturally drawn to create that optimal environment for the inner seed movement to move forward. I think of my one-to-one work as a collaboration of mutual interest in helping the seed to grow.

There will be often be new and unfamiliar feelings, and a certain vulnerability as it does and there’s a good place for those too.

The perspective I have is strongly informed by family and systemic constellations but isn’t about “doing a constellation.” The systemic issues are present today in what’s coming forward.

Sessions: I host sessions online via Zoom (a simple videoconference technology similar to Skype). There’s a strong sense of being in the same room together. I also do sessions in person in Perth, Ontario

Cost: Eighty units of the currency of the country you primarily live in (for example, 80 US or CDN dollars, 80 Euros, 80 pesos, 80 rupees. . .) After a first session, if we’ve done some powerful work that you would like to see integrated into your life, I recommend booking four more session to integrate the movement. You could choose to do these starting shortly, later, or to not do them. There is zero pressure because things really do have their right time. If you choose to continue, the four sessions cost 300 units.

Pay using Paypal by clicking here. (If you want to send money and don’t use Paypal, email me at the address below.)

Email me to set up a 90 minute appointment. Use the Contact page or andrewcartermacdonald at gmail dot com