Climate Change changes everything

Climate change changes everything. Not way off in the future, not even tomorrow but approximately now. If we know that how can we move forward in the way that’s true with who we are and who we want to be in this emergency? So many questions flow from this first one.

What about our work? How about our future, our retirement, where and how we live, our flight plans. How about our lingering or present concerns that we’re not the kind of person who can deal with all this?

How about our grief?

Yes, how about our grief, deeper levels of which we experience as abstract knowledge of change comes down into our bodies, as we come to grips with just how fierce our climate situation is? What if I believe, as Jem Bendell’s overview of the science states, that collapse is inevitable, catastrophe probable, and extinction possible? How is it when we break the law for the first time, occupying streets? How is it for us when we consider chaining ourselves to the icons of power? How is it when we chain ourselves to each other? Who are these people anyway that we’re standing together with in defiance of the system that continues to lie brazenly about our shared ecological emergency? How much do we trust them? How much do we trust ourselves to stand and deal with all this?

All these questions and many more, each individually wrapped just for us, are like the invisible ecology out of which we make decisions and find our way forward.

We do need to take collective action. And I believe individual action. But the quality and efficacy of the action we take will depend a great deal on the “soil,” the culture out of which it emergence. A culture of resonance and safety in which we feel we can tell our truth will allow strong action to grow. A lack of trust and safety, where we’re not so sure there’s room for the real us, will mean a scattered response at odds with itself.

Safe groups that prioritize safety and room to be ourselves and that held build resonance and “collective intelligence,” are my main interest. Offering a regular space for this is my contribution to the ecology of climate change activism. You can see the details here. You’re welcome to drop by and see for yourself. I’ll also do a closed group later for those who want to work with the same people and go even deeper but I imagine this drop-in space will remain open. Everything I do is on a gift basis. You can come for free or if you wish and can afford it, you can offer a gift in return.