Exploring the we-space wilderness

We-space exploration is like wilderness exploration. Both are purposeful journeys into the unknown.  In each you’re drawn by a sense of curiosity and mystery and the sense of something greater than you.
Here’s how the we-space is mysterious and unknown . . . and how we can make it our own.

We each have a different story, a different reality we’re exploring. We each have a different set of assumptions out of which we see the world and we tailor the world to fit those assumptions. Each of us is speaking from a set of assumptions about the world that are rooted in our own unique bodymind, in us.

Each of us sees part of the whole, but only part. The part that we see is formed by, among many other factors, the stage of consciousness we’re at, our preference for subjective or objective descriptions of the world, our experience as women or men, our perspective as rural or urban people, our country, our professional trainings, our heredity, every detail of our own psychohistory (much of which can be extremely compelling), and a great deal more.
On our own we tend to be locked into our own embodied perspective or story. We-spaces open them up.
But there’s something we never could have predicted and it’s astonishing yet repeatedly felt to be true:
When I share my own story with you in a neutral and safe-enough place – and hear yours – something unexpected and wonderful happens: our stories start talking to each other.
They spontaneously start to make room for each other in a new story that’s different from the original. And the sense of “what the hell was that that just happened?” is another level of story that the stories make room for. The stories come up with something that couldn’t be predicted or seen by any individual story. Without even trying, each participant starts to understand his or her own story differently inside.
By taking part you become part of everyone else’s evolution! (It’s also true that collectively, we and other explorers are laying down new tracks for future evolvers.)
Another benefit is that new connections can and do happen between people, which go on to mean new futures for the individuals involved.
As host my job is simple: to create a neutral safe-enough place for the stories to do their magic. The guiding principle is to strengthen the place where the individual feels her or himself to be connected to the whole. (I’ve written about this place in The Singular Place of Dual Blessing, attached below. It’s a fun read if and gives a clear idea of what’s possible – and why we so often don’t see it!)
This connection-strengthening often looks like speaking in small intimate circles of three or four (which is speaking and hearing the stories) and listening in the larger circle (for how the stories are moving in us).
It’s the stories, our embodied perspectives, that do the work! That and a dependable structure that helps them be heard. Without a structure the centre can’t hold and energy dissipates rapidly. Contact me if you’d like to help shape the structure we’re using here.
Come join me and others for an online videoconference group call this coming Wednesday at 1:00 Eastern Time (6:00 UK, 7:00 CET). At call time simply click this link. https://zoom.us/j/365185333