Evolving We-space Wisdom

Recently I started hearing my own dream coming out of the mouths of others, once, twice, thrice. This along with a feeling in the virtual room that something valuable – even precious was in our midst. This valuable thing didn’t have much to do with me. We’re all looking for it in a way, the greater  connectivity in which we see what’s trying to awaken in our tribe.

I realize these are loaded words: tribe, awaken. But something is stirring and trying to bust out of its shell, a little like the chicken busting out of its eggshell. She finds a new world out there.I do think that such an emergent possibility is moving in the world now, moving in many of us. I’m reminded again and given a boost when I see it in others.


Here’s what I heard and it’s certainly what I want. Something like this: Together the tribe has a collective power, vision, possibility that it doesn’t have on its own. A “collective intelligence,” if you will. That phrase, collective intelligence was the one that I first heard from Craig Hamilton in an article in What is Awakening? magazine which named something that I’d often experienced and was looking for, even if I didn’t know quite what it was.

To be clear, I’m talking about social change or collective phenomena, not about opening a restaurant. That’s the context here.

The individual can use the greater-than-the-sum of its parts energy (consciousness)  of the collective / tribe  to ​enhance his or her visioning and manifesting power. She can use it to do things she cannot accomplish on her own or not nearly so easily and clearly.   The tribe brings a critical background juice or push to creative projects.

I think ​online ) to their work in the world. It feels like the energy that comes form a group, where they feel in touch with something important, dissipates after. It seems that we need each oher to maintain it in a sense.  we-space