Evolving the Integral We-space

Looking to start this in March, 2018.  It has a level of abstraction greater  than the We-Space Intelligence Course and may have some unique elements. 

I’ve been working with Systemic Constellations for some ten years ago and particularly interested in what a colleague and I have called “Systemic Consciousness.” Part of Systemic Consciousness, as we’re understanding it (and based on the work of Insa Sparrer and others), can work with a very simple primary constellation with three components: Self, Other, and Witness.

These easily correlate to the “I,” You (singular or plural),” and “It,” of the Integral Model.

At the basis of the We-Space, we have the self or “I” negotiating it’s relationship with the “We.” These two are in a continual “dance.” Implicit in this dance is the witness or observing mind that monitors the relationship. So there are the three.

In this course we’ll work with these three representations and practice maintaining awareness (witness) of the awakening “I” in relationship with the other.

A hope and belief is that this might make it possible to go very deep and bring more than usual clarity to the group space. Like everything here at the Evolutionary Lab, it’s an experiment! An early essay on this is here.

This will be a closed group that will probably meet over no less than three months, with confidential reporting on our progress.

The cost will be a small donation to the Lab for organizing and hosting the space.

Do let me know if this is for you by responding to an email Lab Report.