Evolutionary YOU: Discovering the Depths of Radical Change

Evolutionary YOU is not a self-help book.

It’s rather a shift to a new channel where a more conscious collective gives us permission to change all the rules.

Evolutionary YOU points to a new understanding that’s only just now becoming visible and available. We’ve imagined change within ourselves since the birth of individuated consciousness, but change takes place within a system.

The regulation of that system happens in our conscience. We’ve framed conscience up till now as being about good and evil but it’s also about something much more fundamental to us than that: Conscience is how we monitor our belonging and our good place in the system..

If we fail to understand this – and most of us do – then our growth is largely limited by the permission levels in the system. This understanding, which Evolutionary YOU brings irrevocably home, opens up a new pathway out.

You’ll see how your own inner system involves hidden loyalties to ties from the past, ties that are up for renegotiation once you can see them.
For activists and change agents of all stripes, you’ll see how system level effects like climate change need system level work and how to engage that with others in conscious groups. It’s happening, folks, in a world near you!
EvolutionaryYOU written by an internationally known we-space leader, shows how the system can only be understood by our active participation in it as change agents.

The world is ready for change but in the most literal sense it needs you. It needs Evolutionary YOU.

Bill Kauth, co-founder of the 65k strong Mankind Project (and author of A Circle of Men, and We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community) wrote in while reading, “I’ve now gotten into the scenius stuff and can hardly stand it… have to go eat or drink something to chill a bit.  It’s just too exciting.

And he’s right! The evolutionary potentials for us are staggering, if we know where to look for them inside our own experience. . ​​

Drawing on conversations with “evolutionaries” ​from some two dozen countries – and insights from systemic constellations – Evolutionary YOU invites you into the landscape of your personal future.

And there be some very good news: While the future won’t be what it used to be, the highest reaches of the human endeavor are ours to live – if we’re bold enough to step up and claim them!

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