​Coaching means evoking soul wisdom,. 

Whatever you're facing, I can help you engage with it more strongly in a way that's aligned with your soul values and wisdom.

​You'll check in with the energies of Sovereign, Warrior, Lover and Magician to see how those parts of you are responding to your situation. ​Consulting them, you'll decide for yourself what you want to do now.

I'm certified in this work but more importantly I bring my own energy and concerns to it. I hope you'll take from it what you need for yourself.

An important part of this work is focused on bringing healthy warrior to your life. It's for men and women both.


The work is funded on a ​sliding scale. ​Please pay on the basis of what you can afford, the value you expect to receive or have received and your desire to see this work grow in the world.

You can make ​your payment here.

Contact me at andrewcartermacdonald at gmail dot com to make an appointment.