Chiara and Andrew’s story

Hi Chiara, I didn’t know how to put a new page on Strikingly so linked to it here. It’s private, of course.

Chiara and Andrew are two Canadians with long and somewhat overlapping, experience in depth personal growth work, group processes. We also have a strong real interest in social change especially at this time of transition. We’ve never met in person.

We meet regularly as “change artists” online. We realized that what we’re doing, combined with the deep experience we have, can be helpful to many others, newbies or men and women who’ve been working in the change field for many years.

The way we work together has as one component of what we do, each time we’re together online, a “simple Presencing Practice.” It’s a way of moving past abstraction, concept and theory and bringing the lived interest of members to the challenge at hand.

To individuals wanting to find their way into the river of change so that you’re growing and thriving, meeting a “spring” in your life, we imagine can help. Because we’re feeling it ourselves.

To members of social change organizations and activist groups (of course you’re individuals too, and first): We really feel that we have tools that can galvanize the resources of your members and bring them powerfully to the fore.

Our story is that we’ve been morphing and changing ourselves through our work together, as individuals and as people who care about organizational change and social change. It became inevitable we’d want to share with others who want to work with us.

That’s the short short story of the Story of Us. We hope to be able to share a lot more of our story and hear yours. Perhaps we can change together.