ancestor line

Connect to your same sex ancestors

Here’s a powerful exercise that can help you feel rooted and connected in a time of change. In the modern west, we don’t think of the ancestors but they’re there, real lives lived. They’re often forgotten but they remain powerful in our psyche as you see if turn your attention to them. Ancestors are psychic roots and you can connect to those roots. Play with this exercise to connect to the strengths in the sex […]

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Women and men love each other

Here’s a simple lens I find useful for looking at what’s going on in society and in Self. It presents an image of what balance looks like and​ what imbalance looks like. The ​consideration of the image presents a context for showing where imbalance is and what helps bring the system back into balance.What helps bring the system back into balance brings us back into balance.​The picture represents the love between the masculine and the […]

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Telling My Story

I’ve been avoiding telling my own story. For several days I was writing a blog post about how we needed more honest personal story, more sex and gender in our  conversations. Then I noticed I wasn’t telling my own. Telling is unfamiliar because I’ve been very close-mouthed about great chunks of my own story, forever.  Though much easier, it’s still difficult to talk about my early childhood and the pervasive experience of abandonment that persists […]

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When consciousness groups play nice

When we’re in “consciousness groups,” do we tend to downplay our own agency, our “mission” so we can get along? Do we forget about our purpose or forget that we even have one? Do we unconsciously play it safe so we can be “liked” and not ruffle too many feathers? More generally, does the consciousness community as a whole tend to do this playing nice? I’ll raise my hand. I do it! And it’s not […]

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Is there a place for #wetoo?

As everyone knows who’d ever had a mother or a father – or a partner – the relationship between the sexes is anything but simple and one-sided. It’s complex, multi-faceted and goes to the heart of who we are. You wouldn’t know about that complexity though, from listening to the conversation around sex and gender that’s playing out in our public conversations today. There unipolar certitudes rule the day! We all have a deeply personal […]

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women and men part 2

Two Stories of Women and Men – Part 2

In Part 1 I shared two stories of women and men that I’d heard in the previous week. In one story a group of men supported a group of women who were defending a sacred site in Ireland. They stood outside the circle of women, protecting it and this gift was deeply felt by the women. In the other a mixed group of men and women who were exploring inner feelings and new consciousness gradually […]

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two stories of women and men

Two Stories of Women and Men

Two stories of women and men I heard this week got me thinking . The first was told by an Irish friend in an online group conversation when the subject of women and men came up . . . The powers-that-be wanted to build a motorway through one of Ireland’s ancient sacred sites. A woman called on other women to come to the site to stop the work from happening. But not only did she […]

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