Being in service to project creation

After a short break we are back and would like to invite you for the next online call on Thursday, the 25th of April. Details below.

This time we will offer support to Stefan from Bulgaria, who has started a bigger project in Bulgaria to enable people above 55, who wants to keep on working, to continue doing it. This is not only a project but a whole mindset shift……it is a shift of the environment, of the employers and the people themselves who easily fall into the “too old and useless” way of thinking.

We will host a 90min Action Learning session, putting in the center Stefan’s question “How can I feel supported and inspired by the international community to continue my work in Bulgaria?”

AL is a vibrant modality of group work that focuses on one person’s question but everybody else learns something for themself. We’re in service to a man from Bulgaria with a project to change the culture around people 55 plus. Come support him and learn something for yourself.

Come join us

…if you are interested in this topic and want to contribute

…if you are also a changemaker facing similar problems and this session might inspire and support you as wellF

Click this link to join:
(Thursday, April 24th, 13:00 Eastern, 19:00 CET, etc.)

Hosted by Andrew MacDonald and Vihra Dincheva!

Hope to see you!