​Consciousness is a


There are many WILDERNESS JOURNEYS. This is a starting place for men. We call it


​a ​life adventure for men

​Most men are burdened by their place in the world, what's expected of them, and what their real job is. 

​It's a ​WILDERNESS JOURNEY into unknown territory. Take it with other men. You won't come back the same.

​ You'll ​experience challenges that you've ​not imagined. 

​Imagine it here.  

BASE CAMP is based on respect and already-wholeness. It's not about self-improvement or fixing or advising. It's about feeling in your bones what's possible for you now. It's basic orientation. 

​Every man must make ​the wilderness journey in his life. It's an adventure into the unknown. Take it now with men who are just forming. 

​There's so much to explore.


​After BASE CAMP you become part of a long-term ever-evolving community ​based on respect and imagination for what's possible.