How do we grow and thrive in today’s big change?

What we’re practicing here is connection. Connection and belonging.

They play the crucial lead role in personal and social change.

We’re not about feeling good so much as feeling part of a process of change happening – for us, for friends, the world.

We’re celebrating the power and practice of connection and it’s hidden but key role. Along with essays and ideas are invitations to come together online and practice with others. We explore what’s happening now and what we care about most. We see what we can do. Online connection is surprisingly real. Come and see.

It’s not kings or experts that the world is waiting for.

It’s us.

It’s you and me!

But . . . giving our gifts, and every part of how we see the world  rest on how connected to self and others we know ourselves to be. Connecting deeply is no small accomplishment and, of course, we don’t always do it perfectly. But imperfection and even disconnection are part of the process and welcome too.

This deeper connection and what it can mean and how we can do it better is also the subject of my (admittedly amazing) book, Evolutionary YOU: Discovering the Depths of Radical Change. It’s also the subject of much other thinking and writing and the focus of many group experiments – exploring collective intelligence, climate change, closed group for depth connection, inquiries into systems and systemic constellations.  You can read parts of the book and find out much more by signing up at the top right of any page. You’ll receive weekly tips and pointers to depth connection as well as invitations to explore with others and notices of what we’re learning.

Why to connect in here:

Connection is recovery, recovery of parts of ourselves that didn’t feel safe or OK to be, our “authentic self” for whatever reason. Connection is a practice of self-acceptance and integration.

Connection is witnessing and serving others like us who are also learning to connect more deeply. Wherever we are the possibility of connecting more deeply is always there. Like love, beauty, or trust, there’s no end to it.

And it’s “enough,” so much so that . . .

Connection is even “waking up” in the spiritual sense. Waking up isn’t for special people. It’s for ordinary people like us.

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